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Medical assistance at an event

Organization of public events means facing many challenges, and security of attendees is surely one of the highest priorities. We all understand that providing medical assistance is a basic requirement.

Act on security at public events – Section 2 of article 5 – states:

1. The organizer of a public event is responsible for security at this event.
2. Security of a public event means:

  • Providing security to the attendees of an event
  • Ensuring public order
  • Providing medical assistance
  • Ensuring appropriate technical conditions of buildings, installations and equipment, especially sanitary and fire protection

Fines for not complying to law regulations are high – article no 58 of the act mentioned above states:

1. Those who organize a public event without permission, or not following conditions described in the permission, or against prohibition, are subject to a fine not lower than 240 daily rates, karze ograniczenia wolności or arrest from 6 months to 8 years.
2. Thos who, organizing a public event, doesn’t fulfill security conditions described in art. 6 of Act 1, is subject to a fine not lower than 180 daily rates.

Law regulations on public events

An organizer of a public event should comply to law regulations on providing medical assistance at such events. The basic acts of law applying here are:

  • “Dziennik Ustaw” no 106, art. 608, dated 1998 ,with further amendments
  • “Dziennik Ustaw” no 62, art. 504 – Act of 20 March 2009 about security at public events

Is it expensive to provide medical assistance to my event?

Human health and human life has no price. Medical assistance during your event doesn’t have to be expensive. Check our pricelist of services in Kraków and elsewhere

Why is it recommended to provide medical assistance at public events?

  • A patient in need receives immediate and expert first aid
  • Professional vehicles transport patients in need to hospital in quick way
  • Medical assistance reinforces credibility and underlines professionalism of the company organizing a given public event
  • Law regulations are met

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