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Patient transport services

Patient transport services

Patient transport in Poland

Multi Trans-Med offers patient transport services for companies and individual clients. We transfer patients from accidents to hospitals, from home to hospital or between hospitals, as well as for dialysis and clinical research. We offer our services on the territory of Krakow and whole Poland.

International transport, including repatriating patients.

If you live outside of Poland but, staying on the territory of our country, suddenly require medical transport to your place of living or to your hospital abroad, we will take you there. During the transfer you might be assisted not only by a rescuer, but also by a doctor. Our staff, apart from having medical education and experience, is fluent in English.

When accident happens outside of Poland and transport from abroad is needed to Poland, and you are not covered with insurance, we advise you to get in touch with Multi Trans-Med. We will transport you from abroad to Poland. A standard patient transport service is secured with a rescuer and an ambulance driver. A patient can be also assisted by a doctor if there is a medical need.


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